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Meta Quest Webhooks for IAP - Documentation about the application order status event


Context: I would like to subscribe to webhook events to receive notifications whenever a user's subscription changes (ex: buying a subscription, canceling a subscription, changing the subscription date, etc.)

Possible solution: According to the official documentation, it seems to be possible to subscribe to webhook events to receive real time notification whenever the Application object changes. The Application object seems to have 3 fields, join_intent, create_new_session and order_status. I think that subscribing to the order_status field would send events whenever a user's subscription would change.

Problem: I can't find any documentation about the order_status field. There is some documentation about the join_intent  field, however the only thing I found about the order_status field is this sample from the Oculus dashboard (when subscribing to the Application webhooks): 


  "field": "order_status",
  "value": {
    "event_time": "1659742639",
    "user_id": "10149999707612630",
    "product_info": {
      "notification_type": "PURCHASED",
      "reporting_id": "03f8833e-9c02-4fa0-978f-4cfe91f86bae",
      "sku": "item_sku_1",
      "developer_payload": "{\"quoteId\": 1234567}"


In order to receive events about changes to user's IAP (subscriptions and one time purchases), I would like to get more information about the order_status field webhook event. More precisely, it would be great to know all the possible values that the notification_type field could have (other than "PURCHASED").

Thank you.