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Meta XR Interaction SDK Samples: Once you touch the Right controller, the right hand as issue



Meta XR Interaction SDK OVR Samples 65.0.0

Unity 2022.3.31f1

Quest 3

In the Sample Scenes : HandGrabExamples & HandGrabUseExamples

You can see the same wrong behavior:

Once your right controller becomes active by picking it up and grabing something, once you put it down you cannot use your right hand anymore to grab. The poke interaction is still working tho!

The combinaison left hand/left controller doesn't show that issue, it behaves normally.

I'm quite sure it's stupid, I tried to find the difference between the right and the left without any success. 

For all of those examples it's only appearing in Play test in unity (over link cable) once I built, it works.

I can't grab anything with my right hand since yesterday in my game...

Another issue I have is that when using concurrent hands et controller I can see when pinching with the right hand the A key beeing pressed on the synthetic right controller, how do you turn that off?

Thanks a lot for your help.




The issue is even more visible in the scene :ConcurrentHandsControllersExamples

Be sure to check Launch simultaneous hands and controllers in OVR Manager (OVRCameraRig)

When you launch the scene you can see that each time your right hand (without controller) approches any grabbable, the synthetic controller disapears and you can't grab anything. No issue with left hand.

I'm quite sure it's linked and that might help someone to debug this.