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Meta data approval taking way too long


I submitted for metadata approval for my app in App Lab more than 2 weeks ago. It still sitting in Submitted state which is hurting my apps sales. How long do such approvals take? It used to be a few days but seems like it has become much worse after Meta Layoffs. There is talk about efficiency from Meta but looking at this things seem to be becoming worse. They collect 30% commission so I don't understand why they take so long to approve things like updated screen shots from the app which are meant to improve sales. They aren't promoting the apps in App Lab and also say that the apps may not have been reviewed. So why is review taking several weeks? I feel they should relax the review requirements for App Lab Apps since they already say they may not have been fully review. I don't have an issue if they take longer to approve Main Store apps but its odd to say we don't review on one hand and take so long to review on the other.



Sorry about your sales loss.. For my team, it used to take 4-5 weeks to get reply from each submission. After Meta Layoffs, it's taking forever.. My second submission was 10 weeks ago and I haven't got any feedback since then.

I had to cancel my submission since it had been pending for 45 days without approval and the store assets had already become stale due to 80 releases I did in that duration. Hopefully, the new submission gets approved quicker.


I submitted mine on March 11th, and I'm still waiting. Does the first submission maybe take longer than subsequent updates?


I got my software approved after 5 years of waiting.. I got a bit angry back then because they asked me to correct things that were not even an issue in the software. The software has been open source abandonware for a while, so I tried submitting it for free, and it got approved now with not much hassle. I'm trying to monetize it now, but for some reason, I cant set my TAX ID, the field is gray.. Oh well, I hope I get response from Customer Service within 3 months.