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Movable Lights limits? Oculus quest 2 / Unreal Engine

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Hi guys, sorry for the long text but I feel that it's easier if you know my background or the lack of it.
I'm a neuropsychologist trying to build alone a 'simple' home to test a possible intervention in VR for patients with traumatic brain injury. I recently got the Oculus Quest 2 because the wireless feature it's the best to use in a hospital setting. I have zero formation in computer science or programming knowledge. However, I learned a lot with all the available tutorials online about the UE blueprint system and I managed to do almost everything that I want. 

What I'm trying to achieve: 
  • I have 4 square rooms (kitchen/dining/bedroom and a living room) and each one of them has ONE movable light (Points light) linked to a light switch that can be turned on/off. 
  • I did this so the patient has to work with some type of energy cost, each room has a different cost being turned on (ex living room cost 1 per second, while the kitchen cost is 2).
  • In the session, the patient has to do some daily living activities to earn money and 'pay' the energy cost at the end of the sessions.
My questions:
  • Is it the limit, described in the UE4 documentation for mobile, is it the same for oculus quest 2? A total of 4 movable lights in the whole level?
  • Or you can't have more than 4 movable lights touching? For example, Can I have 2 lights per room? 
  • Is it better to have two movable lights with a smaller attenuation radius (ex. two with 750) or one movable light with a larger attenuation radius (ex. 1500)
  • Is the number of draw calls linked to how many movable lights you have at the time? I posted below the current triangle counts and draw calls that I get in my scene. How can I optimize the number of draw calls, since I can see that I'm way over the limit (170-175?) for the Oculus Quest described in the Oculus Documentation?
  • I see that I have room for more objects in my scene since the described is 750k to 1kk, Is the number of triangles and draw calls limit higher for Quest 2? 
My problems:
  • The game automatically closes when I try loading the level I created inside Quest 2. No errors givens, the HMD simply returns to the home screen one to two seconds after loading the level and showing the objects on the screen. 
  • I can run the game with no problem when I'm using the usb3 cable linked to my computer using UE VRPreview. 
  • This got me thinking that maybe I'm running out of memory or something and what I'm doing is "too much" for quest 2 to handle? 
  • The initial level that I use to load the main level runs fine inside Quest 2. I'm using the "MotionControllerMap" created by the unreal engine. 

Triangle Counts:
Draw Calls:

Sorry for the long post, I really appreciate any help.