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Move the users from inactive to active subscription tiers

Honored Guest

Is there a plan to move the users who enrolled in the subscription tier that is no longer on the PDP or sold in store to the active subscription tier?

The main issue is that the users who subscribed prior to the price change will be charged more than the new users who subscribed later at the lower price (or vice versa, depending on the price change).

For example, you have a yearly plan in the inactive_sku tier that costs $50 and, down the line, you decide to adjust the subscription cost, so you make an active_sku tier and set the price of its yearly plan to $25. The old users, who are subscribed to the yearly plan of the inactive_sku, will be charged $50 every year, as opposed to the new users who will be charged $25 every year because they have a yearly plan of the active_sku.

This can get complicated when there are multiple active tiers. However, one way around that would be to give the option in the Developer dashboard to map a subscription of the inactive tier to a subscription of the active tier:

From inactive subscription [source] --> To active subscription [target]

inactive_sku: Yearly plan ($50) --> active_sku: Yearly plan ($25)
inactive_sku: Monthly plan ($5) --> active_sku: Monthly plan ($5)

And when the renewal time comes, automatically transition the user from the source to the target subscription plan and then make a charge according to the target subscription price.