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Multi Modal - Issue with B button not working without hand detection on Oculus controller

Good morning,
I'm having an issue with my Oculus controller where the B button becomes unresponsive unless the controller detects that my hand is holding it. This happens even if the controller is turned on and functional for other buttons or actions. Here is what I observed:
- Button B works perfectly when the hand is detected on the controller.
- If I remove my hand or hold the controller in a way that is not detected as "hand held", the B button stops working.
When my hand moves towards or away from the controller, an event is triggered in the console: XrEventDataInteractionProfileChanged. This event seems to influence how interactions are handled, particularly regarding the B button on the controller stopping working. This appears to be related to a change in the controller's interaction profile, which is detected and managed by the system. I'm looking to understand why this event interferes with the functionality of the button and how I could control or disable this reaction to ensure constant interaction with the button, regardless of how close my hand is.
**Questions :**
1. Is this normal behavior designed for security or ergonomic reasons?
2. Is there a way to disable this feature so that the B button can be used at any time, regardless of hand detection on the controller?
3. If this is a problem with my hardware or configuration, what steps can I take to diagnose and resolve this problem?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

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I apologize you've hit this issue. This behavior is fixed for v67 where button presses will work normally for unheld controllers as well. We apologize for the delays.

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I apologize you've hit this issue. This behavior is fixed for v67 where button presses will work normally for unheld controllers as well. We apologize for the delays.

allright it is a great news for Fire Pro XR ! 

We will improve our system 🙂


Hi Sir, i back about my orginal problem. I used SDK V67 now.

and i really need to have the possibility to use button from the other hand (or from another object than is not the hand who push the button) 


The button B is active only when the right hand is on the right controller and input work. if other hand use the button no Input.


Please check video and tell us if it possible to unlock hand verification for active input when we want.

Thanks in advance.



I'm terribly sorry that you're still seeing these issues. Let me investigate here if there was a problem with the ingestion.
Just so I understand, it looks like you're using a Quest 3?

Thank you, and I will follow up promptly on this.

Yes we used Quest 3.
That you understand the benefit of having this possibility, with our solution you place the button on a fire extinguisher and when you use the handle of the extinguisher to press, a small plastic tab comes to press button B. this could also be another button)
Our current system switches from hands to controllers and there the problem is not encountered but there is always a latency time when we finish using the extinguisher and we find no hands to continue other interaction in the game. with the new simulataneity function, this will allow a better experience, being able to use your hands at any time to press an alarm for example and use the fire extinguisher (which presses the B button to initiate an interaction allowing you to see the particles of the real extinguisher appear.

Hello Just so you know, this has been a while. And it's a pain. I'm also on the Quest 3.

If you want to see it by yourself, you can launch your own demo sample in the latest unity sdk:


First, Nothing works by default until you tick all the "simulataneous hands and controllers" in the OVRCameraRig.

Then you test in unity --> no prob

then you build it for windows --> no prob

Then you build for Quest and you will see that none of your button or axis are working if your hand is not directly on the controller.

Also, when you pinch with your right hand it triggers button A  same for button X with left hand. How do we turn that off? 


Version d execution : 67.0.0565.358.618485551

Meta XR Core SDK up to date.

Hope we will get a fix for that soon, or that it's at least acknoledge as an issue...


@ImmergenceStudio01  hang in there... I think we'll get this for quite some time...

indeed you are absolutely right Mikyjax. the same here in unity editor on windows with the headset connected in link, it works but once the build is produced and launched on the headset. need your hand on the controller to activate the controller inputs.

Apologies for the delays; I've been trying to sort this out on my end and get exact information to give here.
So, I had mixed up the actual release timeline a bit here. The fixes for this will ship in our public release fully in v69. I understand this is still a couple months away and I'm really sorry for the mix up and delayed timeline.

Ok heard. for this to work with V69 Public, do we also need the V69 SDK for unity? Is there a connection between...