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Multiple dummy accounts for all our devices

Level 4

Dear Support!

We are developing a free App for Oculus Quest 1 and 2.

In our office we use up to 20 separate devices to test our app linked to the same account.

Unfortunately we started to get into the issue. Our free app is not working anymore on more than one Quest simultaneously. It says that we should purchase this app on a different account. Which makes no sense, cause the app is free. Also it’s a problem for us, because we'll have to create multiple dummy accounts for all our devices.

Could you please suggest a workaround for this issue.


Thank you in advance!


Level 7

Using the same account on multiple headsets isn't supported. It used to work, but was not an explicit feature.


I'd suggest creating a batch of test accounts. There is a walk through on this recent blog post:


And additional info in the documentation: