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My Quest 2 was reset to factory settings and I can't use it because of the proximity sensor

Honored Guest

My quest 2 had a boot loop and I tried a few things like factory reset and firmware update, and in the end I found out that it was due to the proximity sensor, so I removed the faulty proximity sensor from the quest 2 and it booted up normally

But now it's stuck on the black screen because of the faulty proximity sensor and I can't set it up because it doesn't allow me to use it since I can't see anything

I tried to deactivate the proximity sensor through the computer, but for me to deactivate it I need to activate the usb debug mode, but then another problem appears, I paired the quest 2 with my cell phone to activate debug mode and it does not allow me to activate it

Imagem do WhatsApp de 2023-11-19 à(s) 14.41.50_07dc08a6.jpg

My account is already verified, I don't understand why it doesn't allow me to activate this option


Honestly, I don't know what to do, I can't set it up through the quest because it has a black screen because of the sensor, and I can't even deactivate the sensor because I can't activate debug mode on my cell phone

If anyone can help me I will be very grateful, because in my country Quest 2 is really expensive, and there is no authorized assistance from Meta, I contacted support but they asked me to send it to another country but even if they fix it my quest 2 in another country, when it is sent back it will be taxed at basically the price of a new one