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Native SDK documentation not accessible

Honored Guest


Been trying for several days now, but the documentation is constantly unvailable to me (see screenshot). Any ideas on how to access it?



Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 13.22.09.png


Did you bookmark that URL? It's giving me a 404 error page ('Whoops looks like you're lost') but the Native SDK pages are still accessible to me from the menu on the left (after selecting that as my default platform). Here are a couple of links to the Overview page for each of the Native SDKs (standalone and PCVR)

Honored Guest

Hi @baroquedub,

Thanks a lot for the answer. The two links you posted seem to work fine.

The URL I try to open is not bookmarked or anything. I try to navigate to "Get started" -> "Learn devices" -> "Meta Quest", and then click the "Native Plattform" link on the resulting page. Being a total newbie in this area, I expect this to be the very first thing to be looked at (its always the first item chosen, essentially). But the intro content is just not there for me.

Screenshot 2023-10-13 at 16.50.36.png

Note that I seem to be locked into the German docs. I've checked all kinds of profile settings (theres many), as the docs do not offer a language selector, and I absolutely cannot find a way to open the generic, en_US ones.



Did yuo try clearing your browser cache for all Meta sites? It's likely to be a cookie that's been set. And yes, does seem as if the Meta web team need to update that link on the page 🙂