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Not seeing hands rendering when in unity play mode from oculus link

Level 2

There's an article saying they support hand tracking on windows through unity, Hand Tracking in Unity | Oculus Developers (We support the use of hand tracking on Windows through the Unity editor, when using Oculus Quest + Oculus Link. This functionality is only supported in the Unity editor to help improve iteration time for Oculus Quest developers.).

So I tried to see my hands but nothing shown, the only way to do so was build to apk and execute from native.

I'm planning to use hand tracking feature on my college thesis, so I need to see console messages directly and thus enabling hand tracking feature while on play mode is necessary. any thoughts? 

I'm using unity 2021 1.18f1 and Oculus Quest 2.


Did you manage to make it work? I can share my set up if you are still facing this issue.