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O.Q.2 - Worst produuct i ever used

Honored Guest
the worst and most pointless device I have ever encountered in my life.
Don't get me wrong - the hardware is fine, it's great.
But the software, OS, working shell - is terrible.
It is impossible to simply turn on the helmet normally - it requires a bunch of verifications,
which cannot be completed without special controlers - it simply refuses go further, and keyboards and aero mice are not suitable.

Oculus Quest 2 - basic testing, report on major issues

  • Quest Link (+meta quest remote desktop) does not work, neither via cable nor via Air Link
  • The cursor works abnormally, controls both the hand and the finger at the same time, it is impossible to accurately click and interact with the interface
  • no customizable control panel (not displayed running programs, some kind of editable list of installed applications, no panels with links to programs)
  • Voice input does not work in the browser
  • screenshots and screen recording, in room and environment transparency mode, does not record this video, but replaces it with a black background
  • no built-in multi-screen feature (although it should be a basic feature),  installing additional software and configuring it  is not an adequate solution

In aditional ...

- The ecosystem is closed and does not represent a normal working operating system,
- Device didnt synchronize properly with the phone or computer. the helmet does not respond adequately to its connection to other devices, even when programs for synchronization on other devices have already connected it... not via cable - not via Wi-Fi,
 - it is impossible to connect any other devices or wireless manipulators to the helmet, such as keyboards, mice, remote controls. It is simply impossible to start the helmet without brand’s manipulators.
At hardware level it can track his hands - but at the same time, the developers themselves have disabled the ability to influence the interface with their hands at start, and almost all apps in AppMarket.
 - To use the helmet as a monitor for your other device, there are no ready-made programs or tools.
It is necessary to additionally install programs and additionally configure them.
 - workspace is weak and primitive. 
30 years ago, Microsoft and Apple came up with the concept of "WINDOWS", a graphical interface with which you can interact by calling the necessary functions.
And Meta guys has ignore that basics of UX\UI principals.
Now, Having an excellent hardware-level, ready-for-everything device,
Facebook (Meta) engineers deliberately turned the software shell into a pile of garbage.