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OCULUS QUEST 2 - BROWSER & WEB PLAYER - VR 360 limited resolution


We're working in a development of a web player to allow VR 360 cinema content to be watched on any screen...

So web player can show correctly a 360 cinema stream on a smartphone (2D 360) and smartphone with cardboard (3D 360), also on PC or MAC screen (2D 360) and on Oculus Quest and Quest 2 (3D 360).


BUT... Although Oculus Quest 2 can support perfectly 3D 360 Cinema contents at 5760x5760 resolution 30fps (using Oculus TV app accessing to local file content), we could not make it work when playing the same content from a DASH streaming internet server...


So we tried to generated DASH/HLS stream in several formats... 5760x5760 30fps with H265 and VP9 codecs, (which are supported on QUEST2) but DASH/HLS streaming does not work and shows only audio with a grey no-video screen.


If we try with a DASH stream with 4096x4096 resolution and H264 codec, then it works... but it's far away from the video quality we would like to achieve with 5760x5760...


Could please some technical guy from Oculus tell us which are the real resolutions and codecs support from Oculus Browser on Oculus QUEST and Oculus QUEST 2?


Thank you very much for your kind attention.


Berst regards.


Francesc Mas