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Level 2
Im able to build out to the Oculus Quest. I am using the OVR Metrics Tool. Just had a question on what each category means.
When I test my game in the headset the stats are this.
fps 72
gpu 2
cpu u 25
gpu u 25
a memory 1900.
Is "a memory" allocated memory? and is that the total memory of the project or the scene or that frame? and is that 1900 kb? my unity file is only 32 mb so I just dont know what the 1900 could mean.  I am trying to be more mindful and figure out how to keep my frames at 72, so I basically stripped down my scene and just have a few models in it. I am new to programming. Also is there a tutorial on the basics things needed to get the oculus integration to work. Is there a basic oculus ovr version for mobile?

Im using Unity 2019.1.5f1
oculus intergration for vr
not sure the Oculus SDK version.

Level 10
1900 is your available memory in MB, so currently you have about 100mb loaded into ram

Level 2
My apk file is only 32mb. So im not sure how its 100mb. Any ideas?

Level 2
also some games are like 1 or 2 gigs. Do you know why it would say the cap is 2000
? im new at the programming side of things. im really a 3d artist.

Level 2

Level 2
nevermind on the question on why is the cap 2000mb. haha I was like hmm doesnt 2000mb = 2 gigabytes. But I guess the other question of if my apk is only 32mb then why wouldnt it show a allocation of 1968 mb or something.

Level 4
Your game package may be 32mb in storage, but that's not representative of what runtime memory it uses. It could use less memory than the actual package size (say you have multiple levels, and only some of that data is used at a time). Or like in your case it could be more, since some of the data in your apk could be compressed and has to be decompressed for use.
Out of interest, I get around 2180MB available mem when in the oculus home environment, so it seems when running your game is actually using closer to 300MB