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OVRInput.GetActiveControllers() returns incorrect information

Honored Guest

Unity 2022.3.3.
Android build installed on device

At the beginning of the app while I still haven't touched controllers, the method returns None. Whatever controller I take in my hand this method returns Touch, and there is condition in OVRInput script that explains if both controllers are connected and one is active it will set activity to Touch (kinda stupid but ok).
Now, the interesting part. Taking out the batteries of both controller and being notified by Oculus that they are disconnected, this method is still returning Touch.
The initial idea is to hide inactive controller that, for example, lays on my table while I have another one in my hand. The controllers rendering on scene come from Microsoft.MixedReality.Toolkit.XRSDK.Oculus.Input namespace, OculusXRSDKTouchController.cs script. There is nothing in my unity scene to create a reference and set activity to true/false.
If there is someone who had experience with any of this, all help is appreaciated.