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Oculus Developer Hub Proximity Sensor toggle not working

Honored Guest

Hi there, not sure if this is the right spot, but any guidance or redirection would be appreciated!


I have been having problems disabling the proximity sensor for the quest 2. I have tried rebooting my computer and the quest to no avail. I am currently trying to use the Oculus Developer Hub to disable it, however it simply will not toggle off. I have tried sending other commands such as disabling the guardian, and that works no problem. Additionally, I have tried to run the proximity sensor commands via shell adb with no luck, as well as using the toggle hotkey but I am simply met with an error:
"Unknown Error: Proximity Sensor could not be toggled off".
I have done this previously on my own personal quest 2 device with no problems, so I'm unsure what could be the problem in this instance.
Thank you in advance for any help!