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Oculus Integration 1.42

Level 4
I've just updated to Oculus Integration 1.42. I replaced my AndroidManifest.Xml by removing it and having the plugin generate a new store compatible xml. It deleted my previously added line for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (but it did that before) but it also changed some settings. However, now when I upload my build I get a message from your system saying:
APK main activity intent filter includes `android.intent.category.LEANBACK_LAUNCHER`, which is not allowed. Please remove it from AndroidManifest.xml and retry.
Which is one of the lines it changed. What's going on here?

Level 4
I'm wrestling with this error as well... I'll post an update if I find a solution.

Level 4
Whew, took too long to find this:
"For Oculus Go, use android.intent.category.INFO, and NOT android.intent.category.LAUNCHER so that your app appears only in Oculus Home and not the device launcher."

Can't post a link to where I found it as per forum links so the title of the page is "Application Manifests for Release Builds"