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Oculus Integration 31.0 Passthrough API does not work

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Has anyone managed to enable the passthrough function?


I've tried the Oculus Integration 31.0 passthrough sample scenes, but I'm getting the error "Failed to initialize Insight Passthrough. Passthrough will be unavailable." OVRManager passthrough related options are enabled. I confirm I'm using Oculus runtime v31 and OVRPlugin 1.63.0, and the experimental system property is enabled.


<uses-feature android:name="com.oculus.experimental.enabled" android:required="true" />
<uses-feature android:name="com.oculus.feature.PASSTHROUGH" android:required="true" />

>adb shell getprop debug.oculus.experimentalEnabled


It seems OVRP_1_63_0.ovrp_InitializeInsightPassthrough() fails.


Has anyone had pass through suddenly stop working for Unity builds? I just started developing this weekend with Quest 2. I had a helluva time getting it working, but after finding the adb command and checking everything else, I finally got it working yesterday. I ran one of my builds this morning, it was working fine. After work, I fired it up again and no more pass through. I’ve reset multiple times, running the adb setprop after each restart. Adb returns 1 when I do a getprop. I’ve rebuilt and downloaded other projects that should work, but pass through just wont activate in Unity apps. I can turn it on just fine by double tapping. It’s really, really frustrating. It’s like dev mode in a bad state or something. Logcat throwing ‘Failed to initialize Passthrough’ again. 😞 

I could not get passthrough working no matter what I tried, including all of the suggestions in this thread. The Quest 2 I was using is on runtime, I have another Quest 2 still on runtime version and the example worked like magic. Is it possible your Quest updated its runtime? I am not sure when 34 was released... 

Level 2

>stop working for Unity builds? I
me too.

I'm guessing it's probably caused by the V34 update.

I'm waiting Unity Oculus Integration update.
I hope this cures it.

Yes, I’m just now realizing it must have auto updated today at some point. I’ve been finding breadcrumbs and clues from different forums/reddits that it was deprecated in v34. I did not see it listed un the release notes, maybe I missed it. Ahh, the fun or working with experimental apis! 😄 hopefully the next release of SDK brings it back. Thanks!

Yes, I confirm: the same apk works well (passthrough is working) on a v33 Quest while not working on a v34 Quest... with the message :

"Failed to initialize Insight Passthrough. Passthrough will be unavailable."

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Confirmed -- v34 on device kills passthrough... Actively looking for a solution to this. We had some news from support that there is a v35 on the way?!? that may fix -- details beyond that are not very clear. If anyone else finds a work-around, please post!!! Thanks 🙂 

If I understand the situation correctly - Theres no "fix" and a future update will not solve the problem. If you are using a passthrough app that was created with the "experimental" passthrough sdk (ie, V33), no future Quest update version will display it correctly. The apps will have to be re-compiled with a the PRODUCTION version of the passthrough SDK (v34 or above, which I believe was supposed to be released today, but I haven't seen it yet).

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FYI -- for anyone watching this thread, v34 is available -- and Unity "Oculus Integration" has also been updated. Woot! Build a new project and confirmed that passthrough is back baby!! 🙂  Now non-experimental...

Level 4

works for me but glitchs when too close out of gardian