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Oculus Integration hand grab not working

Level 3

I set rigidbody,box collider,hand grab interactable,grabbable,interactable group view and interactable debug visual to a cube. When my hand reaches the cube and grab it, the color of the cube changes, meaning that the cube has detected grabbing behaviour correctly. However, the cube cannot move. The newest integration version has no grabbable variable in HandGrabInteractable, so the Grabbable component is not referenced and useless. Probably it's wrong. How can I fix this? (In the old version, you can drag Grabbable component to the corresponding variable in HandGrabInteractable and the cube moves when being grabbed.


Level 2

I honestly wish I could help you. Only thing I can recommend is to try OctoXR asset. It's quite easier to understand and setup plus the team is always ready to help on Discord or Reddit.

Level 2

I'm having the exact same problem and can't figure out how to get that cube moving. I cannot believe this has gone so long unanswered.

Level 5

My only suggestion is to locate the StonePolyhedron prefab and use that as a basis for what you are doing. I typical unpack the prefab and then add my own mesh under the Visuals and rewire the HandGrabInteractive collider.