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Oculus Link & Unity Set Up Guide

Oculus Link is here! Since there's little information available so far, here's a quick guide.

Set Up

The cables that ship with the Oculus Quest don't work (even though the set up in Oculus Desktop shows that), you will need a good USB 3 to USB C cable.
  • Oculus Desktop app, Library > Update > download update (v1.43)
  • Restart app, update app, connect Quest, update Quest
  • Oculus Desktop App > Settings > General > enable Unknown Sources
  • In your Quest, enable Oculus Link by plugging it in or enabling in your settings
  • In Oculus Link, connect to your Unity project using Add Desktop Panel (+ icon)
  • You should be able to run your scene in your headset once you press play
You don't need to modify your Quest project to work right away with Oculus Link.
Should work with all versions of Unity listed by Oculus.
Works with Oculus Integrations 1.41 - Doesn't work with 1.38

Other notes

  • My controllers were in 3dof and invisible when I entered Oculus Link, restarting my quest/computer fixed that
  • The hands will turn into controllers when they stop registering input
  • The mouse in the virtual desktop disappears when both hands turn into controllers or the pointer is off screen
  • If you run Unity from Explore/Library, it will launch the project. You can't tell which project it'll open, so I choose to open it on my computer then Add Desktop Panel

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Hi, your computer graphic card must be supported by link cable? What's your graphic card?



Hi, your computer graphic card must be supported by link cable? What's your graphic card?

I'm using a GTX 1070. Here's a list of supported cards:

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"In Oculus Link, connect to your Unity project using Add Desktop Panel (+ icon)"
What does this mean?  What is "In Oculus Link"?

After you've enabled Oculus Link, your Quest will be in the Oculus Link home menu. There in the navigation bar, you have the option to Add Desktop Panel.

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Ah.. Finally got there.  So I had that issue where it said I had an update but didn't actually update until I enabled Public Test Channel (PTC) after witch it updated Oculus Software to 13.1 and then it updated the whole Oculus Desktop software.  Anyhow at this point the Quest headset  shows as Version (13.1?) while the Oculus Desktop App version is at
Now I have a blue bar in the Oculus Desktop app saying "A Quest software update is recommended for Oculus Link (Beta). Install the update from the About section of Settings in your headset."  But I'm checking and there is no Update in the About section of the Settings in the headset.
Anyhow, at least I finally have a way of using Unity with Link to test my app without having to build every time.
Perhaps you want to mention in your steps above about enabling PTC.

I'm experiencing problems with the Link today. Oculus won't let me enter Link unless I update, which doesn't happen until I enable PTC. With PTC, I'm able to enter the Link however I'm getting heavy flickering in my Unity scene. I suspect I need to update Oculus Integrations or something. I remember reading somewhere to avoid enabling PTC for Link a long time ago, I don't know if that's still relevant.

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how can i runmy unity project with the oculis link instead of the other cable?

This guide is so helpful and I always read it whenever I face a problem.

hi, could someone tell me if its possible to use a link cable on a Mac to liveplay unity projects on the quest?  Im aware you need a PC to run OculusVR on a Mac, but I was wondering if the same went for just running Unity3d projects?