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Oculus Quest 2 Native C++ Adding the SDK to Android Studio

Level 3
Dear Developers

I'm starting to develop a medical app on the Quest 2. However, I'm stuck at the the first hurdle with Android Studio. I am trying to  configure "Android Studio" to develop Native C++ Apps for a Oculus Quest 2 Mobile platform.

On the page Native Development - Get Started with the Platform SDK and under the

Configure Your Development Environment for Mobile Development

The documention states the following.

The Oculus Platform SDK provides a loader that enables .so signature verification and graceful detection of the Oculus Runtime. To use the loader, add the SDK location to the manager ([InstallFolder]/Android/libs/armeabi-v7a/

I've downloaded the ovr_platfrm_sdk_40.0 and unzipped to a folder on my local drive.

However, I have no idea how to use the SDK Manager to do the above. I've tried to change the SDK Location in the manager and it comes up with a warning that the selected folder (The one I downloaded) does not contain an SDK.

I have managed to install the SDK Build 26 and the NDK however, changing the location to the downloaded ovr_planfrm_sdk causes Android Studio to report:

Target Folder is neither empty nor does it point to an existing SDK installation.

I am sure that what I have attempted is the intent of the instuctions in the documentation quoted above.


I would dearly love support on this as I've not even got to the open/start a project stage.


Many thanks


Mark Boyce