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Oculus Quest app is in App Lab instead of Oculus store?

Level 3

Hi All, We have submitted a Quest app to the Oculus store. We have managed the FPS 72 and followed all the Virtual Reality checks but our app is in App Lab.

Can anyone Please let me know the reason why our app is in App Lab?
Thank you.

Level 3

Hi alivenow,

I assume that you'll have discovered the answer to your question by now, but in case anyone else has the same issue and ends up here, I'll post a quick explanation.  Currently, unlike with other app stores, no one gets to simply release their app on the Meta app store without consent from Meta.  You can register as a developer, build an app, and release it through Meta's developer portal, but it will end up being published only on App Lab.  Supposedly Meta are monitoring App Lab releases for apps with potential to make the jump to the app store, but there are a lot fewer of these than you might expect.  Meta will probably need to revise this policy going forward if they are to maintain developer interest, as developers on most app stores rely on discovery within the store to generate their revenue, and there's zero discovery for App Lab games within the Meta app store.

Anyway, I hope that helped someone.  🙂