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Oculus interactions SDK - InteractionRigOVR-Basic Rig - Hands location issue (Unity)


When I place the rig anywhere but 0,0,0 the hands start getting offset by that amount. If I pickup the controllers they show up in the correct place. When i drop them again my hands jump to the offset. The hand circle menus show up in the correct place it is just the hand models and specifically the OculusHand_L and OculusHand_R gameobjects.


This is easily reproducible by opening up the BasicGestures scene for example. Move the rig to say -1 on Z and see where you hands end up.


I have had this issue with both V39 and V40 of the package



No one else having this issue or willing to validate/dispute it even is an issue?


yep it is an issue if you want to create experiences where the player game object is child node of something that is moving around

Thanks for confirming - Was also confirmed fixed in the next release of the Interaction SDK

Also, I have found a solution that worked  for me,  making the hands stable and not shaking, when the OVR rig is moving and is to work directly with the tracking space of the camera rig and to create this link between the synthetic hand and the hand anchors using position constraints

when the whole rig of the VR player is moving now it is stable