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Opening app permissions tab in system settings

Honored Guest

If the user is prompted for record audio permissions for voice chat and they decline, we turn off an option in the settings menu. so then in future if they choose they can goto the settings they can turn it on again and it will show the permissions dialog if needed when turning it on.

However If they same user declines but also says do not show again, the permissions dialog will not show up and instead we need to display a message instructing them to go and turn it on in the system settings before we enable it.

We could create an Intent to show the app settings for stock android with android.settings.APPLICATION_DETAILS_SETTINGS, however Quest has it's own and would be much more natural for the user to use.


Honored Guest

The banned permissions issue is BIZZARE. It's Meta's own Unity tools that enable those permissions. I have followed Meta's AndroidManifest instructions to the letter and am still getting the banned permissions error when uploading. 

I have spent several years making this game and am feeling really REALLY taken advantage of...