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Option to mute ambient sound in link mode

So after a days worth of searching I finally found that Meta has removed the oculus home when you connect a quest 2 to link mode, in my case airlink. What is left is a white room with a grid and a VERY annoying ambient background sound. There is NO WAY to mute this sound other than muting master volume. I want to use my pc desktop in VR, watch movies, use Discord and everything is overlapped by that god awful noise. If you are going to remove a feature like oculus home that did not have that noise at least make sure what is left is fully functional. Add an option to mute the background noise or give us back oculus home!

This is probably going to be my first and last Meta product. Having a $100 price hike right before I bought it, having a useful feature removed with no notice or info that it was removed (had to search for hours to find it was not a bug) and then to have this noise I can't get rid of while trying to watch a video in VR. I should have just sprung for an Index.



Wait, you're telling me launching Oculus Home was the default behavior when you connect the Quest 2 to the PC? I thought it's always been that white void space.