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Overlay Keyboard not returning to app

Level 4
So the Quest overlay keyboard works but sometimes it will just not work in the sense that pressing the keys won't affect the input box selected and when this happens closing the keyboard I don't get focus back to the app (my controllers disappear) and the only way to get back is to go into the Oculus menu and click on the app again.

Unity Version: 2019.4.15f1
Oculus VR Plugin : 1.55
Oculus Android version 2.38.6
Any ideas?

Level 4
Is there a way to get Oculus to answer to these issues? A more direct support? So far I get no answers regardless of the issue. This is very much an issue still

Level 2

The same error, don't know issue( Is it a bug or we need do smth in our code to return back to app? Text also won't appear in InputField