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Overlay keyboard in Oculus Integration 19.0 not working

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Has anyone been able to get the new Oculus Integration 19.0 system keyboard to work?
I enabled the new universal menu, turned on Focus Aware and Requires System Keyboard in OVRManager, and called TouchScreenKeyboard.Open. I think that's all things I have to do, but nothing happens. Also, I have no luck with focusing on UGUI InputFields.
Am I missing something, or is the function not activated on Quest yet?

My OS versions are:
Runtime Version


Once I turned off the universal menu and turned it on again, the overlay keyboard worked in Oculus Integration v19.1.

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@shiena what version of Unity are you using?

@BBlakeOssoVR I am using Unity2019.4.7f1.

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For me, it was the "Requires System Keyboard" that was the problem. It's only available when Android is the build platform.

Oculus left out some important information about the keyboard which I think is very important to know:

1. There is no return/new line button on the keyboard!! That means no multi line fields support.
2. It doesn't work when using Oculus Link.
3. Can't set it's location so it often ends up in an awkward location covering your input field.
4. The controller locations also ends up in an awkward place (the head) so you need to disable anything you "attached" to your hands.

I didn't find it useful because of these things. I can live with some of the issues but not having a new line button is kind of a deal breaker for a keyboard. The keyboard is basically made for entering URLs.