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Performance HUD unexpectedly shows up

Level 2


Suddenly the Performance HUD shows and just is in the way, how come?

1 Performance HUD showed up in MSFS every time I used Ctrl + numpad +/- also the  Debug window
2 I uninstallled Oculus and manually cleaned up a lot of folders -> Problems gone
3 A week or so later the problem got back, I once again uninstallled Oculus and manually ….
4 This is the current situation. I also remapped the MSFS keyboard functionality for changing sim-rate so that I didn’t had to use the Ctrl + numpad +/-
5 Now, before I get back the problem once again I need to understand what is going on here, what buttons does what etc Why does the Debug windows start?

When the Performance HUD came up and the Debug windows also was shown, I entered the debug tool and tried to update the Hud setting by ensuring it was set to None but with no result.

This case has swimmed around in plenty of Meta support departments for some weeks now and no Meta-support seem to have a clue.

Mats Sederholm



Level 2

Anyone who has a clue about how to turn off Performance HUD/Debug tool or whatever is neccessary to avoid the performance HUD showing up in the middle of a game?

The support people Christian, Koda and Luka has provided zero help so far and have no interest in contacting knowledgable people.