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Poor Wifi Performance since V57 (Quest 2) and really bad on Quest 3

Dear @MetaQuestSupport,
WiFi performance is really bad since Meta Quest OS Version V57. Please check out this video, where I'm comparing the wifi performance (packet loss) of 3 devices simultaneously (please watch on desktop):

1) The first device is a Meta Quest 2 with OS Version V56. It doesn't drop a single wifi packet over the entire duration of the test.
2) The second device is a Meta Quest 2 with OS Version V57. It shows significant packet drops especially as soon as you start moving around.
3) The third device is a Meta Quest 3 with OS Version V59. Really high packet loss even at perfect conditions (standing still).
All 3 devices run the exact same game/app. 
This clearly demonstrates that since OS Version V57, there seems to be a wifi related firmware bug which wasn't present in V56.
I've tested different wifi routers and brands, but the problem is consistent with all of them (so doesn't seem to be an issue that is only happening with a specific brand):
TP-Link Archer C7
Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500
I also tested it with my TP-Link Archer AX55(eu) not seen in the video.
Really looking forward to a fix. Thank you very much.

PS: It would be amazing if there would be any way to downgrade a headset to an older OS version...