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Possible to disable noise reduction in microphone input? Singing gets filtered out[Quest 2 / Unity]

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we are developing a singing game and using the built-in Quest 2 Microphone.

In our game you try to hit certain tones and receive feedback how to adjust your voice to reach a certain frequency.

We realized that the moment the user reaches a stable frequency that input gets filtered by the headset (which we think is the noise reduction at work?)


I understand that this behavior probably makes sense for voice chat applications (as stable frequencies most likely are noise that need to be filtered so spoken voice can be heard) however for us that is a big issue as stable frequencies are exactly what we need to player to input through the microphone in the form of singing.

Is there any ways to disable the noise filtering? Any other suggestions how we could solve this issue?

We are using Unity's built-in way of receiving the microphone input through an audio source.


Any help appreciated greatly!




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Did you ever manage to figure out how to do this?


We are having the same issue with our app. As a user of oculus i am very disappointed . its my microphone, i should be able to decide what it is filtering out  


Same. We are using the microphones to detect tone. However the recordings are not consistant with reality :

If someone speaks quietly, the mic seems to natively push the audio to make it clearer.

On the contrary, if the person speaks loudly, the audio will be tuned down.

We end up with very similar audios from people speaking in compleat different tones and frequencies. 

Anyone found a solution ? Thank you.