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Private ALPHA app not appearing on subscriber's Quest 2 headset.

Honored Guest

Hello! I’m trying to deploy a build of my app to an ALPHA channel subscriber's Quest 2 headset via my app’s ALPHA release channel, but the app is not appearing on her headset / App Library, even though she accepts the email invite. She has accepted the email invite multiple times with no success.  My other subscribers have no problem downloading my app.  I can share her Oculus ID, email, and the App ID with a staff user if it's helpful.  In the past I have been able to deploy alpha builds to her headset with no issue. We recently did the Meta account migration process for her account, so I wonder if that had something to do with it.


Is anyone here having the same issue or similar?


Please help! I would like to share builds with all my subscribers like before. This is in private development and I’m not ready to open this to the public yet, so I’d like to keep using this delivery method.

I initially sent this off to Developer Support, but they replied that "we are unable to process this type of request", and told me to post here - which is odd to me, as this seems like a valid issue for staff to look at.




Honored Guest

Same thing here. It´s ruining everything, So we had to stop using Meta quest 2 for alpha and beta deployment and use third-party software to manage deployment on the headsets, its about 7-10 $ per device per month. 

I couldn´t find any way around here, it looks like there is no coverage for us.