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Process finished when hit breakpoint remote debugging Oculus Quest 2

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I'm starting to play with Android Studio and Mobile SDK and Oculus Quest 2.

Everything is working correctly but when I start remote debugging any of the SDK samples in the device, when the debugger hits a breakpoint, after two or three seconds the process finishes and the debugging session closes.

The logcat pane shows something like this: Process 26768 exited due to signal 9 (Killed)
And the Debug pane shows something like this: Process finished with exit code 22

Is there a way to avoid the process to finish/exit when debugging the application?

Thanks in advance.

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FWIW, I'm seeing this too, along with programatic asserts using __builtin_trap().

It's made debugging..... interesting.

Unfortunately I'm not able to help fixing this issue as I'm suffering with it too.  But it only seems to occur once you start submitting frames (i.e. calling vrapi_SubmitFrame2).  Hitting a break point at app start up I can single step as normal.  This only seems to be a Quest 2 problem too, Quest 1 I can break and step code at any time.