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Quest 2 Microphone breaks for all applications


Hello, I have encountered a bizarre, seemingly android level bug while developing a social application in Unity. 

A user's microphone will be working normally and then during load sequences, there is a small chance that it will stop working. We have dealt many times with the microphone being stopped for some reason, and normally it is just a matter of making sure UnityEngine.Microphone is recording and Photon voice is connected. HOWEVER, this is different. 

All measurable stats in Unity read that the microphone is connected and running, except for the fact that it is receiving no sound. The wild part is that the problem stays with the user after leaving the app!

Making an oculus screen record video does not capture the audio from the mic. We launched multiple other apps and non of them were able to properly use the microphone. The mic on the headset was essentially useless until a system reboot. 

This sounds like a hardware issue but it is not, we have had it happen to several different people using different headsets with the same symptoms. 

My question to the community is this, what could be happening in a Unity app that could actually break Android's connection to the microphone so thoroughly that the Oculus OS can't even use it?