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Quest 2 Not Appearing in "Run Devices" Anymore in Unity.

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Hello friends,


I'm developing an application for the Quest 2. I used to be able to see the Oculus Quest 2 in the list of available devices to build and run my application in Unity but after updating to v38 that is no longer the case. I also might note that I haven't tried this in a while so it might not just be the update's fault.


The strange thing is that my Oculus app on my computer says the Quest 2 is connected. I can see it in the file explorer, it even prompts me if I want to allow USB debugging in the Quest 2. Of course developer mode is enabled as well. But then when I go to Unity I can't see it in the list of available devices anymore!


Any ideas as to what might be wrong/what I can do? My computer isn't strong enough to support link but I can still build the apps for it. Please help. Thanks!


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I have the exact same problem... wish some one could answer you

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Just a note in case anybody is having issues with this... I don't use Unity to push directly to the Quest 2 anymore. I just build the apk and then use the meta quest developer hub application to install my apk. I also use some adb commands to push the extension files. Hope this potential workaround helps 🙂