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Quest 2 Problematic Bluetooth

Level 3

I've been having issues with the quest 2 Bluetooth. I'm trying to develop a sensor to feed data into the quest and display it in a game. The sensor pairs well with both android and windows devices, but not so much with the quest. When I attempt pairing, it connects to the quest for a moment and shows under connected devices. Then, 2 seconds later it shows in previously connected devices and clicks on the connect button are unfruitful, it just ignores it. Has anyone had much of any success with Bluetooth on Quest 2, or is this a dead end? Also, the quest 2 doesn't like to connect to the phone that it has been paired to. WiFi signal is strong, tried with nothing connected to either on Bluetooth. Tried factory reset and disabled experimental features to fix these with little success. Would it be more feasible to give up on this and try to make it connect via local IP? Is the quest 2 more limited on Bluetooth than standard Android OS?


Level 2

I am having the exact same problem, have you found a solution?