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Quest 2 Recording

Level 2

Hello I'm ProCheese and I have a problem with the Quest 2 Recording. The recording I believe is Something like 1600x900 and 30fps Which is fine but the problem is when you turn your mic on for the recording your voice is so quiet. You can barely hear my voice when playing shooter games and I'm a pretty loud talker. The way I'm solving this problem right now is casting my quest 2 to my pc and having quest 2 mic turned on but I would go into the game settings and turn the game volume to 15 to 20 so my mic and game volume would sound close but sadly not all game support changing in game volume. Only game that i can stream/record Right now is Re4 and Medal of honor but I have lots of games I want to stream so i would suggest adding a option to adjust the mic volume on the recording or something but I really hopes this get solved soon because I don't want to have a limit to what games I can stream.