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Quest Pro BUG report: Remove Controllers not Tracking popups / add way to disable

Level 3

The "Controllers are not tracking" popups are constantly showing on the Quest Pro, even if I am in Desktop mode looking at my windows screen, or hand tracking mode. there is no way to remove them in the settings.


It says push volume up and down at same time, did not solve.


Also when Hand Tracking in my apps, I see them popup a lot, you guys must of forgot something in your code before you shipped to disable these popups when using hand tracking or in desktop view mode.


This is a bug. Please fix.


Level 3

also here is a video of it in action, it makes it so trying to work in desktop mode with the HMD on, vs taking it off and on while developing more difficult.


This is when in Oculus Link / PC mode but the popups are just as bad in Standalone mode.



Please fix / add feature to disable these popups.


Can not push + and - at same time on the Quest Pro EDIT: maybe it is possible to push at same time I found after trying again after reading Sparkett3's post, but I have to take HMD off, and push real hard with finger nail tips to get them both to push same time / not easy when its on your head.


Picking up controllers and putting down only temporary removes for a few seconds, then it comes back.

Level 3

I'm seeing an issue that may be related.  Every time the headset wakes from sleep, the 'controllers not tracking' message immediately comes up and takes way too long to disappear - long after I start seeing the virtual controllers rendered in the scene.  Seems there might be some miscommunication between dev teams.


Also it's possible the behavior is being caused in part by use of only one controller.  The headset insists you always use both controllers.  There's plenty of cases where only one controller is needed.  Especially if the other controller is on the charge dock, it makes sense the message shouldn't come up.  And the controller on the dock shouldn't be virtually rendered.

Totally! I have found this too. If I am not using hand tracking, which has become my primary option, I often use just one controller corresponding with my dominant hand when it comes to quickly navigating the menus, and the message pops up as well. It seems it would be common to only need one controller.


It seems a user would be smart enough to know that their controller is not working / connected, and the message is more of a distraction than anything. 🤔

Level 4

Yes it's terrible! Suffering with this all the time. 

Level 4

I'm experiencing the same thing, but don't remember seeing any prompt to push the volume buttons. Interestingly, I have no problem pushing the buttons at the same time on my Quest Pro, so I'm not sure why you can't. You did at least try to push them at the same time, right?

Hey Sparkett, the pushing volume buttons at same time popup occurs if you are in the Connected to PC / Oculus Link mode (when streaming from Unity direct to Quest when developing or using desktop mode), I did try to push both, At first I though they may have the toggle version of a hardware switch in the new Quest Pro where it rocks back and forth vs where each button is independent / because when both pushed didn't remove the popup. But now on a second glance + comparing to the quest 2, it seems if I take the Quest Pro HMD off, and try to push both hard enough with the tips of my finger nails, I can push them both same time lol (but this is harder to do when wearing the HMD).


The best temporary solution I have found so far to remove the popups for the non Oculus Link / Compiled built in App standalone mode, is if I reset the device, a farther distance from the controllers, then the popups seem to not interfere.


Hopefully they do a fix via Firmware soon! I don't remember this being an issue on the Quest 2, seems only the pro I noticed it.


Going to present our latest prototype on the Quest Pro at an open house event this coming Monday, haha so I will try restarting the headset if I see the popups / want people to not be annoyed by the popups and impress them with the updated Hand Tracking + Pass Through. I will probably bring the controllers / keep them a distance away... just in case some weird bug happens though and I need them to fix.

Level 3

This popup is a constant irritation and drag trying to play anything PCVR without Touch controllers. Hope they fix it very soon.

Hey @Lucid360!

Please shoot us a message through PM so we can take a better look at this for you. Select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Level 2

I agree this is very annoying especially if you play a game that needs a normal controller and the motion controllers actually interfere with the game when they are connected, so I start the game (Subnautica) without the motion controllers (otherwise the Xbox One controller doesn't work in game) and now cannot get rid of the "controllers not tracking" prompt.


Please Meta, let us disable this thing somehow!! Or at least have it disappear after a few seconds or things like that, I think your average VR person will know that the controllers aren't tracking based on the fact that, you know, they aren't tracking....that prompt just isn't all that useful, especially permanently onscreen without fail.