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Quest Pro Controllers not Tracking popups interfering with hand tracking

Level 3

I keep getting these Controllers not Tracking popups, and its interfering with hand tracking / cutting my hand tracking out. I even went into settings and turned off auto switching. Then when hand tracking is lost, it will not regain.


There needs to be a way to just totally disable controllers. I am using Hand Tracking only. Do not want the controllers at all.


It seems like it's even worse than a couple days ago. Reset the device, and the popup even happens in my app now, and I have Hand Tracking only set.


Level 4

I have the same observation! Really annoying and interfering with our app. 

Level 4

Yes, the exact same thing happens to me and it's extremely annoying. Why can I only turn off automatic switching to hand tracking? I've never had it accidentally switch to hand tracking while I'm using controllers, so all that option does is make me need to pick up the controllers just to switch it back to hand tracking. Please fix this, Meta.


Why couldn't they have put a physical switch on the headset to select an input method?