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Quest Pro getting bluish, washed-out passthrough in Unity app

Level 3

In my Unity application (built in Unity 2021.3.12f, standard render pipeline, Oculus XR Plugin 3.2.1, Oculus Integration v 46) the color passthrough feed from the Quest Pro comes through with a strong bluish cast, and moderately desaturated. Unless there are strong, well-lit primary colors in the room (like a bright red Solo cup), you could almost mistake the feed for black-and-white. If I double-tap the side to go to general OS-level passthrough, colors come through properly in that mode. 


This has been the case across multiple Quest Pros, so I don't think it's a hardware issue. And I've used the passthrough in other apps from the App Store and App Lab in which colors looked fine.  So I feel like it has to be related to something in my settings in Unity or in the Oculus integration (color space, maybe?).


UPDATE: If I set Compositing Placement to "Overlay" instead of "Underlay" then colors come through correctly.  But Overlay is unhelpful, because then it blocks everything I'm rendering that's intended to occlude the passthrough. Still not sure why colors are partially desaturated when it's set to "Underlay".


Anyone else running into this? Any guidance or suggestions?  Thanks!


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

We're glad that fix worked out for you. From what I can gather, e recommend using full color passthrough in a room with a light level of at least 50 lux. Think of like a soft evening light used in a family room. You can also try what we call the book test: if you can comfortably read a book in the room where you're going to be in-VR, then you likely have enough light to use your headset. Hopefully other members of the community can give their feedback and experiences here to see if there's other methods that have helped improve passthrough

Level 4

Change the OVRCamera's CenterEyeAnchor color from blue to black, alpha to 0.


Screenshot 2022-12-13 210005.png