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Quest Pro passthrough quality considerably drops after some minutes of continuous playing

Honored Guest

I'm planning to use passthrough for demonstration using Quest Pro. But there's a problem.

The quality of passthrough becomes considerably bad after about 7~20 min of continuous playing.

Here's the dropped quality passthrough video, shot with iPhone. 


It looks to me that the latency of chroma channel becomes much larger than that of brightness channel.


How to reproduce the problem:

* on Quest Pro (firmware v59), enable passthrough at home screen
* Don't make the device sleep, or display off.
  * To emulate this situation, you can put a sticker on proximity sensor, set display off setting to 15min, set sleep setting to 15min. and put device on a table without blocking front cameras.
* Wait 7 to 20 min
* The quality of passthrough suddenly drops.

If the device go into sleep, the problem will be fixed.


It's the same on our custom app using passthrough feature. As we're planning to use passthrough continuously for 15 to 20 min, This problem is very annoying.


Honored Guest
This is not a nice solution, but I found that disabling passthrough for more than 1.0 sec will fix this problem when it happens. Below is the code (Unity) :
        private IEnumerator FixPassthrough()
            OVRManager.instance.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = false;
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.0f); 
            OVRManager.instance.isInsightPassthroughEnabled = true;