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Quest2 mirroring launched automatically


Hi all,

I developed Architectural Visualization environment in Unreal Engine for the Quest2, and while doing the presentation we use an external tv ( with google chromecast ) so that whoever is doing the environment presentation is able to see what the customer sees in VR and explain what's going on.

Often time ( because of convenience mostly ), I usually put the Quest2 on standby while the app is still running and the streaming is still on, so that when another customer come, I can give the Quest2 to the customer and just press the power button, and the app is still running.

Thing is, the mirroring disconnect after a bit, so every time I need to re-enable the mirroring from the Quest2.


So is there a way to auto enable the mirroring as soon as Quest2 turns on, setting this option by default?


Thanks in advance