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Quest3 World Coordinate System


I created a demo scene to obtain the coordinate position of Quest3 itself, as seen in the picture, but I found a problem. I put on Quest3, facing A, B, and C directions respectively. After turning on and drawing the boundary, the Z-axis and X-axis directions obtained each time are different. I feel that it is determined by the coordinate positioning system of Quest3 itself. Can anyone explain the principle of Quest3 positioning the world coordinate system? thanks5.png


Expert Protege

I believe the quest will 'recenter' itself every time you take it off and put it on again if that's what you're asking. The virtual origin will therefore change in physical space.

No, my friend. If I just take it off and put it on, these spatial data won't change unless I redraw the boundaries. That's why I want to understand what the positioning principle of the quest is and whether I can obtain specific data according to certain rules.

It should only change on recenter, which the OS may trigger at any time. You can subscribe to an event that fires when this happens