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Recommendations/Best Practices for floor- and wall design to improve tracking

Level 2
Hey Devs! I am responsible for the design of a dedicated VR room within a museum to be used with the Oculus Quest. The museum is currently under construction, I have to make some fundamental decisions now: Most importantly, I have to define the requirements for the design of the floor and walls. To optimize the tracking of the quest, these surfaces should be contrasting and as irregular as possible, avoiding super even patterns and uniformly colored surfaces.
But: Is there an official specification for this? Anything that I could give to the interior design office? Or do I have to formulate and define it myself.
Do you have specific experiences that I should add?

Level 2
I found this:

I guess that's Pretty much how it should be. Can't find it in a written Version though.

Level 2
Did you ever find any documentation on this?