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RenderDoc: Oculus Quest 2 Profiling Mode timings lower than real-world timings

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I'm trying to use RenderDoc to capture GPU timings that are as accurate as possible and represent what I'm seeing when running the application without any instrumentation.

If I capture frames using the RenderDoc Meta fork and generate RenderPass times using the "Time durations for the actions" button in the event browser, I usually get considerably lower frame times than I see when just running the app (around 10-30% lower).

If I switch RenderDoc to profile DrawCall timings, the times are completely off, sometimes being ~98% lower.

I am assuming that I can't really rely on the DrawCall timings for the whole frame times due to the tile render architecture. The RenderPass times however I would expect to match more closely.

Is this explained only due to variation in temperature and thus SOC clock speed changes? Does the "Oculus Quest 2 Profiling Mode" boost the clocks? I have seen ~10% higher numbers in the non-profiling mode, which would match the real-world times a bit better, but I did not find much documentation for this.



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