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Resolution mapping

Honored Guest

1. Oculus states that the oculus quest 2 can work with 5760 by 5760 Or 8192 by 4095 at 30 fps.
Can someone help me understanding how Oculus maps these video resolutions to the 2 LCD displays which are only 1832*1920 pixels?
2. I am building a 360 8 cameras rig with  6000*4000 pixels on each camera lens, to be viewed stereoscopically on the Oculus Quest 2 displays. Are there any constraints that I have to consider while doing so ?. Where (and if) can I find knowledge on this topic?

3. The bottom line is to shoot & screen, sharp unblurry 360 stereoscopic videos on the Quest 2. Any tip for that will be highly appreciated. Most of the existing professional 360 cameras (even those with 11K) look a bit blurry in the Quest 2. I think that it is due to poor FOV. Any tips here? Many Thanks