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Running 2 or more simultaneous VR apps on Quest

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Hi everyone, I'm a PhD student working on a Meta Quest app for accessibility. My current pipeline intends to run a Quest app native on-headset, stream a live feed to a PC (which processes some data from the app), then route some data from the PC back to the headset.

Ideally, I'd like to run an application on-device in the background on my Quest that processes the I/O and can run simultaneously with X other app on the device (e.g. send information from Beat Saber to the PC and back).

Due to performance restrictions I cannot just run everything on PC. I'm fine with having a tethered connection to the PC to send information from the headset to the PC, but I still need the ability to run Native apps on Quest and display audio/visual data back to the headset.

I'm familiar with the Oculus Performance HUD that's able to show a live performance graph on top of Native apps, so there's definitely a way to do this. But it seems like that app may have privileged access to do so (unless I'm mistaken, which I hope I am). As a researcher, I don't mind if a solution requires the headset to be in developer mode, but I don't see anywhere that explains how the performance HUD works or how we could emulate it in our own apps. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to run 2 (or more) simultaneous apps on Quest? 
I'm currently using a Quest 3 but have access to a Quest Pro if needed.

I've already checked out related posts (e.g. 1 2 3 4 5) which appear dead, unanswered, or unrelated, as well as the v66 background audio feature releasing soon (not yet available on my headset at time of writing), but that wouldn't solve this issue on its own either.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance! 🙂



We are having the similar questions< and emailing the official, hoping that there will be someone answer 

Please let me know if you figure anything out!


The quote from Official:

To best support the issue you are encountering, we ask that you please work with the admin of your company’s Quest for Business account, or your internal IT help desk. They can open a ticket with the correct support team by reaching out here

I'm trying to sign up to the [Meta Quest for Business] platform, but not responded yet.

You can reach out there if you have such admin account. Good luck!