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Side By Side Recording / Raw image recording


Hello there,

I have a few questions regarding recording videos on Oculus Quest 3.

  1. In the headset itself, there is no "both eyes" option. It's available in Meta Quest Developer Hub PC app, however. Can I somehow set it on the headset itself so when I start "Record Video" from Camera app, it would record both eyes?
  2. When I set "both eyes" in developer hub, there's no option to record audio. What's the deal here? How can I record both eyes and audio?
  3. The video with both eyes has images slanted, which I think also cuts away some of the image. What's the deal with that, why make it slanted? Can I set side-by-side without rotated images?f3flight_0-1698080981062.png

    4. when recording on the headset, mic has agressive noise suppression, making environment sounds completely cut off. Can I turn this off?



I can't answer all questions but for 3d sbs recording there are some adb commands here:
This when this is set you simple start video recording and it will use the same settings. But as far as I know it will revert to the default settings after a reboot.


As of MQDH v4.2.0 you can now use Casting 2.0 to cast or record both eyes (full resolution, no rotation or distortion) without needing to run any ADB commands.