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Smooth Portals rendering in Unity / Oculus Quest

Hello everyone, i'm working on a game that need the player to be able to go through different portals. I want the portals to render the otherside. I found the exact tutorial that i needed from Brackey's channel : Smooth PORTALS in Unity.

But because i'm working on VR, his project is not enterily working. The problem is that the view in the portals have distortion (Like if i had both Left and Right eyes rendering at the same time at the same point). I think it's because i'm only using the Center eye of the OVRCameraRig, and i'm not using the Left and Right eyes, neither using a render texture on theirself. But when i tried it didn't worked too. When i try to put several OVRCameraRig in the scene (in replacement of his Camera in his videos), my OVRPlayerController stop working (can't move my hand nor move myself).

I dont know where to search neither where to begin to solve that problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Were you able to figure this out? I'm running into the same issue.