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Smooth Portals rendering in Unity / Oculus Quest

Level 3
Hello everyone, i'm working on a game that need the player to be able to go through different portals. I want the portals to render the otherside. I found the exact tutorial that i needed from Brackey's channel : Smooth PORTALS in Unity.

But because i'm working on VR, his project is not enterily working. The problem is that the view in the portals have distortion (Like if i had both Left and Right eyes rendering at the same time at the same point). I think it's because i'm only using the Center eye of the OVRCameraRig, and i'm not using the Left and Right eyes, neither using a render texture on theirself. But when i tried it didn't worked too. When i try to put several OVRCameraRig in the scene (in replacement of his Camera in his videos), my OVRPlayerController stop working (can't move my hand nor move myself).

I dont know where to search neither where to begin to solve that problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Level 3
Were you able to figure this out? I'm running into the same issue.