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Spatial Anchors Experimental Feature Issues

Level 2


I've been working with the Spatial Anchors for some days and I have an issue that I cannot Query anchors by Uuid.

Here are my 2 scripts: <-Manager <-Placement


When I create anchors I save them and them am able to re-spawn them with the QueryAllLocalAnchors() function. This gives a callback to SpatialEntityQueryResults(), which in turn calls more functions to create and update the anchor.


Now my problem is when I try to do the same with QueryAnchorsByUuid(), I am able to get the Uuid info from PlayerPrefs successfully, but it doesn't give me a SpatialEntityQueryResults() callback, in fact it doesn't get past OVRPlugin.SpatialEntityQuerySpatialEntity(queryInfo, ref newReqId); and the "Tick 4" debug log doesn't get called.

I don't know if anyone else has run into this issue, maybe this is one of the "experimental issues" and perhaps someone could take a look at my script for feedback.


The resources I used for making this were the Oculus plugin samples, skarredghost blog and Dilmer Valecillos youtube channel.


Thanks in advance