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Spectator Camera for Casting

Level 3

Hey All,


I've been trying to get the Oculus Spectator mode ( working, but I can't even get the example scene to work. The switch between first-person view and spectator view does nothing for the 'cast view'. 
I've tried with multiple unity versions, oculus SDK versions, cast devices, and HMD's (Quest 1 and 2).

Development build is off and experimental features are on, am I forgetting something? 


Has anyone ever made this work? And if so; how?

Thanks in advance!


Level 3

Did you manage to solve this issue?

Nope, feature seems abandoned and left broken in the SDK

Level 4

Has anyone figured out the solution to make it work ?

I've only ever seen it in Noda, no other app I know of. It's demoed briefly here:

Level 3

I've implemented the Spectator Camera in my game ( and it worked pretty good:

But it seems that it stopped working on newer Quest versions 😭 

I'm not able to reactivate it... really seems abandoned 😠

It was such a great feature... 😥